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Welcome to the humble abode of  Le Beau Photography

 I'm Jamie Le Beau-Andrews, a super relaxed wedding  photographer based in Essex. 

As you can see don't have any real professional photos of myself to place in this about me section, this is because I actually hate being in front of the camera and much prefer to be the one holding the camera.

I had to search through my wife's Facebook photo to get most of the ones you see in the collage above, but in a way, they probably tell you more about me and the things I value more than a cheesy professional headshot of my holding a camera would. 

I value family, friendship and human connection. I might take the occasional sunset photo, but it's people and emotions that appeal to me. I've dabbled in everything from event and nightclub photography to professional headshots and even done newborn shoots for a while (never again).  In 2012, I was given the absolute honour of photographing a friend's wedding. Although it probably wasn't the best wedding photos you'd ever see, it was the beginning of a love affair I got from photographing one of the happiest days of someone's life.

Wedding photography is where my heart is, it allows me to capture every emotion and memories that can be cherished for many years and for future generations to come as well as express myself artistically using creative lighting and compositions.

Less like a photographer and more like a friend with a camera.


 As a kid, I always used to think of wedding photographers as being these quite strict older males that would shout at everyone and seem like the most stressed people in the world. I am sure a few of them still exist, but I always go into every wedding wanting to feel more like a friend with a camera than a wedding photographer.

I don't want to turn up and stand on the outside with a long lens, I want my couples to feel comfortable with me being right next to them, joining in with their celebrations and giving them photos that feel like they were right there, in the thick of, re-living every intimate moment and every drink spilt, I want to be so close you could almost smell what it was like to be there. 



I  get  you

I've been where you are. Back in 2017, when my wife Michelle and
I was in the exciting process of planning the wedding, we knew we were looking for a photographer whose style matched our vision. we're a laid-back couple, and as I mentioned, I'm not too keen on being in front of the camera. My wife is also quite introverted, so we didn't want to look awkward in our photos and needed someone to help us feel at ease.

luckily we found the perfect photographer for us who made the whole process from booking to delivery a real pleasure and made us feel super comfortable being in front of the camera (with a little bit of help from the bar), so I try to do the same with my couples, I want you to have an amazing experience from the moment you book to the moment you receive your photos.

Jamie Le Beau-Andrews -About-me.jpeg

Things I  love

 Family days out and trips to the beach

Cosy nights in front of the tv

Camping, Theme parks, Nature trails

Jumping on a train to London and eating street food in Camdon Market

Walking the dog on a warm summer evening

Coffee + Chocolate Hobknobs = Heaven 

Dancing it out in the living room with the kids, followed by a family games night.
Garden parties with good friends and even better cocktails.

Less about me, More about you!

I would love to hear from you and discuss your wedding.

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